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How Do I Know I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned?


  Many customers who contact Fresh Air Home Solutions often start the conversation with this question. Conditions in every home vary and depending on several factors which could include: 


  • Smokers regularly occupy the home
  • Pet hair or dander
  • Water or smoke damage is present
  • Previous damage to the HVAC system has occurred 
  • Home renovations or remodeling  
  • You are moving into a new or previously occupied home 
  • Pollen and allergy-producing flora exists around the home 
  • You live in a hot and humid climate 
  • Duct work consists of fiberglass-lined ducts or metal ductwork
  • You are dusting more frequently
  • You notice unusual or musty odors when you turn the HVAC system on
  • There are visible dust build-ups on your vent grills
  • You observe streaking or black marks around your vent grills
  • You or any family members begin to suffer from allergies or respiratory issues within the confines of your home


    If you find yourself saying yes to two or even three of these points, then it is time to clean the air duct system. The benefits of air duct cleaning are numerous: dust reduction, increased efficiency of your air duct system, and reduced allergen levels within the home.


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