Radiant Barrier

How does your attic feel on sunny summer days?


Did you know a roof exposed to the sun for a prolonged period will absorb a great deal of heat, sometimes reaching temperatures in excess of 170° Fahrenheit. 


On a sunny day, solar energy is absorbed by the roof, heating the roof sheathing and causing the underside of the sheathing and the roof framing to radiate heat downward toward the attic floor. A hot attic conducts heat into the interior space of your home, making the air conditioner work harder and increasing your energy bills.


Radiant barriers are materials that are installed in homes to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss. (Think of the solar shield you put in the front windshield of your car.) A radiant barrier reflects radiant heat back towards its source, reflecting as much as 97%. This keeps your attic cooler than it would have been without a radiant barrier and thus reduces the amount of heat that moves through the insulation into the rooms below. Studies have shown that radiant barriers can lower a cooling bill by between 25 and 35 percent when used in warm, sunny climates.

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